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& Disclosures

All information provided to consumers inquiring about debt relief options through Remedy Helpers website is for educational purposes only. No fees will be charged to you by remedyhelpers.com

Any information provided through our website is for informational, educational, and referral purposes only. We are not lenders, program providers or service providers. remedyhelpers.com Does not endorse any specific participating lenders and will not charge you a fee for referrals to lending institutions. Services are not available in all states please contact us directly to see if you reside in a qualifying state. Any offerings received by mail, email, sms, etc. are subject to APPROVAL.

Consumer may be referred to a for profit or nonprofit entity. remedyhelpers.com does not provide legal advice nor are we affiliated with any government agencies. Programs offered through the network are not government backed nor endorsed by any government agencies . All quotes provide are based on speculative terms and must be considered as such. All quotes are pending approval by "said" service providers.

Right of Refusal of services with any third party referral:

Once you are refereed to a third party you will be provided all contact information and approval from said third party. "Remedy Helpers" nor it's employees will be held accountable or liable for the decision made by you "the consumer". You have the right to refuse any and all services that you do not agree with.

Remedy Helpers, has no control over credit worthiness and eligibility criteria. We simply provide education, to prospecting consumers interested in alternative debt relief options. We highly recommend all consumers read and understand program terms and conditions prior to enrolling. If you choose to consider debt relief options as a potentially viable solution, understand that NOT all creditors are accepted, also NOT all program are available in every state.

Consideration for Debt Relief Options:

There are no guarantees creditors will settle the debt. Some service providers opt to assist in "document preparation services" Meaning, if choose to work with a "documentation preparation service" the service provider will attempt to validate accounts with third parties and dispute whether they are attempting to collect on alleged debt "legally". Such programs can negatively impact your credit score and credit worthiness. Debt relief programs may also increase collection activity and debt amounts due to creditor fees and interest.

IMPORTANT: Creditors and third-party collectors may choose legal action to collect on an alleged debt. We are not a law firm and depending on the program you may choose to enroll in the service provider will go over options available in such circumstances.


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